Green and white fleece quarter zip

Pattern: McCall’s 8143.


Fabric: POP Fair Isle Green Lightweight Fleece from Joann.

This fabric was on clearance, so for once I had plenty of choices in layout.

I cut it specifically to have a green tree band on my upper chest, with a white band above, for the green collar to lie on when it was turned back.

Checked to make sure the hem fold would not be in a strange place (all good, all green).

Cut the collar to turn back exactly on the white/green line (to have green, not white, next to my face).

Collar turned back. This is the way I wear it.

The underside of the collar.

Yikes, so many horizontal “stripes” to match!

Here is the front, where the front meets the sleeve.

Side seam, zoom in and note the perfect join of sideseam and arm (ha ha full disclosure, the other side/arm join is the tiniest bit off where those four pieces meet), and the arm seam. Even those dang dashed lines are perfectly matched, yes they are. So many pins. So, so many pins.


I love this and want one for myself! If there was a ‘perfect pattern matching’ badge to be earned it would be all yours! There are so many impressive details, like that perfect line of white at the bottom of the collar or the way the sleeve stripes are perfectly matched to the body. All around, beautiful work!


Stylish! I love how you engineered everything, even how the collar would fall. Cool!

Fabulous work, as always!! You always astound me with your pattern matching superpowers!

ANother GREAT make! My brain breaks just thinking about trying to spend the time to do this and it is just your natural way. AMAZING!

I love this!

I was going to comment that you’d finally made something without having to pattern match, then I read the entire post … you’re a crazy woman, in a good way :smiley: I wouldn’t have thought about how the arms and sides met but you did. I should have known that you’d find something to match.


Wonderful work. No detail left unattended!

This looks so cozy! I love it! I yearn for fall and cooler weather to wear all of my snuggly items again.

Your pattern matching is so stunning. Just like @AudiobookLover said, if there was an award/badge, you would win it!

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I’m so impressed with your skills - it looks great on you.

Yeah sister! You did it! Nothing wrong with appreciative pride! Extra effort deserves a pat on the back. This is very pretty but don’t think I’d want to be bothered with matching up those pattern lines. I’m sure I would have settled for an all-over, tossed pattern and would have added some embellishments. Almost time to wear that!

:bell: :bell: :bell: Ding, ding, ding! Congratulations! Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :bell: :bell: :bell:

Oh my goodness. Fleece stretches! You are a complete madman for this! This is Evil Genious level craftsmanship. Insanity! Bowing down to you!

@gozer The stretch works FOR you, too. If you need your fabric to stretch a little to match, it’s forgiving.


That’s a good point and one I would have never though of!

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It has never worked in my favor before. Ever. LOL!

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Your pattern matching is so amazing! I love seeing what you sew. It looks so comfy.