Green Leopard Desk Chair Cushion

The cushion on the chair that TheMisterT uses as a desk chair to WFH is wearing out and was never particularly thick. It’s probably at least 25 years old, now that I think about it, so I guess it’s served it’s purpose.

You’ll note I didn’t say “TheMisterT’s desk chair” and that’s because it’s my chair. It was my great grandfather’s and could use refinishing, but I’m not parting with it!

Anyway, Delia heard him mention that the old cushion could be more comfortable and decided he should have a new one for Father’s Day. I found this great linen & chenille leopard uphostery fabric on a recent trip back to Oregon and thought it was just right. Finding cording/piping to edge it with or even a coordinating fabric to make it myself was a challenge and I almost had to just make it without!

But the old-timey pharmacy with a soda fountain and a decent little fabric selection in the nearest small town had just the thing! It might be what the quilters call a “blender”? Anyway, YEY!

Unlike the one he’s currently sitting on, this one is reversible. It’s made with 2" foam that I beveled the edges of using an electric carving knife.

EDIT: So, it seems I must’ve stabbed myself with a pin (or two) at some point. Photo blurred for evidence of such on the wrong side of the fabric, but it’s not gorey or anything.


Just the piping part you used, dropped my jaw.

Nicely done and that piping is perfect! And fortunately the blood isn’t visible.

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Leopard with lime green…swoon

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RIGHT!? And it manages to not be at all Sigfried-and Roy and not gendered.


Very cool!

Awesome, I bet he’s a lot more comfy now in his work chair. :blush:

Love that fabric. It looks great.
Way to go on the commitment, bleeding, and powering through.
I am sure Delia will be delighted to present it to him for Father’s Day.

Awesome! I was once told in school that you’re only a real costume designer when you can effectively use the color chartreuse. You’re clearly an effective designer!


Thanks, everyone!

@MistressJennie Maybe I need to change the title to “Green Leopard Desk Chair Costume”! :rofl:

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What’s with Oregon? I’ve found great fabric there!

Love the contrast piping! And thank you for inspiring me to try it a couple of years ago; it adds so much to projects.

Thank you! So glad you’re loving piping!

Oregon used to have a bit of a textile industry with Pendleton, Jantzen, and others. There are fewer and fewer fabric stores, as with everywhere, of course. Maybe also indoor hobbies are important with all the rain!?


Beautiful work, and this is so fun!!! I love spiffing up and mending old things too.

Thank you!

A shocking number of my projects have blood hidden on the inside, too. :joy: :sweat_smile:

I love your color/pattern contrasting and the piping is excellent! I hope it’s as comfortable as it looks. :cherry_blossom:

Love the mix of classic furniture with funky print! A breath of fresh air :green_heart:

Thanks, pals!

@EriChanHime I used to say, “it’s not a project until there’s blood” but that was more about home improvement than crafting. Nonetheless, same here!

@sheepBlue Thanks! That’s basically the look I was hoping for, classic with a twist.

Or hair, my hair gets everywhere and much as I try to rid it from projects I’m sure there will always be a strand included … enough for voodoo!


Hahaha! I shed like crazy, and I spotted a hair of mine between the lining fabric and the interfacing on these bags I made a few weeks ago.

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