Green Woven Cuff Bracelet

I made this woven cuff for an offering in the Shop the Swap going on right now. I’d purchased a bunch of yarn years ago in hopes of making some of these and just got around to doing it! I feel like that’s how it goes with a lot of the craft supplies I make. I have lots more yarn and plan on making these in several different colors.
This one is very green heavy. The warp yarns are a mixture of hand-dyed by me and acrylics that I purchased. The weft yarn is a Mad Tosh merino wool.

Detail shot of colors.

Don’t mind the background of my desk. That’s an example of years of wear from a dark Ikea desk losing its paint. Keep that in mind if you ever want a black/dark Ikea anything and don’t like the distressed look. :slight_smile:


Oh! I love it! I didn’t know (Or maybe just didn’t remember) that you weave, @Kwality570.

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That is really pretty!

Very cool! I love all of the different colors and textures in the warp!

Love this!! Reminds me of another awesome cuff you made… :thinking: I’m sure this one also has awesome button closures. :wink:

I don’t weave very often since it’s such a pain to set up the loom, but I’m trying to get back into it and weave more since I have a bunch of yarn specifically purchased for it.

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@Kwality570, your weaving skills are amazing! The cowl you sent me in a ‘make friends’ swap is one of my favorite fall accessories! The weather is slowly starting to change and I’m excited to start wearing it again!

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Oh yay! I’m so glad. I did really like the way that one turned out. It’s always fun to play with yarn and the loom and see what comes out.
I still have some of the lotion you made me from that swap. I only use it on special occasions since it’s so nice and smells so good. :slight_smile:

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What kind of loom are you using? Are you warping for a single project or multiples at a time? I always try to put on a long warp that I can get several items off of because warping takes so much time.

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My loom is actually a handmade one that my husband made for me. It’s a small tabletop one. I could warp it up for more than one at a time, but I so seldomly use it that I’m never sure how well something will work out. I also always have to watch a video on the easiest way to warp up a loom since it’s so infrequent, but I’m trying to change that!


I was wondering if that’s what it was! I have a hard time connecting names so wasn’t sure if you were the one mentioning the handmade loom and didn’t want to be wrong. You’ll have to share a picture of the loom sometime, I’m very interested in seeing it :slight_smile:

Ooooo!! Pretty!