Grey Tones Shawl

I have not woven a shawl in awhile so I decided to do one up since I can finish one much faster than knitting. This is a 7 foot shawl. It took me a total of 16 hours to weave over the course of four days, about four hours each night. It is very soft and squishy.

There is a dark grey, a light grey, and then one that is a mix of greys with some tans and white. A bit hard to photograph since I have to stand far away to take a picture of it.

You can see more details (yarns I used) on my project page on Ravelry.


This looks beautiful!

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Could do that to snuggle under, its cold, wet and rather blurgh here, that would be a cheerful thing to have :smiley:

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Beautiful shawl!

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Here’s a picture that shows the colors better and hopefully show how thick it is too.


this is gorgeous!

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looks good n snuggly!

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That is beautiful!

Simply beautiful!!

Wow! This is gorgeous. The pattern and color choices are lovely and the squishiness sounds divine.

Really beautiful.

Oh that’s so lovely! It looks very cozy. :blush:

That is fab! I want to reach through the screen and touch it!

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What a lovely shawl!

Oh WOW! This is fabulous!

Oh wow, this is so wonderfully gorgeous!

Ah I love a good gray, and you have a rainbow of grays :laughing: Beautiful work!

That is so pretty! Did you use a triangular loom?

Yes I did. I have an adjustable one that goes from 3’ to 7’. This is done on the 7’ setting.

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So very pretty. You cannot go wrong with a palette of grays.