Groovy kind of love

Valentines Day 2022. I was procrastinating the thing I’m still putting off. And fished about the scrap bins for something. This is what happened. I like the idea of monochrome scrappy quilts, but I don’t think I have enough of anything other than blue. Maybe green… Hmmm. St Paddy’s is this week. :wink:


I love a monochrome pallet, too, and this looks great! Excellent procrastination!

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My favorite color! Love this collection of shades & patterns,.

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so pretty! how do you make these so quickly?!?!

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I love the colors!

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You’re a very speedy quilter, and they look terrific!

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It came out lovely! :blue_heart:

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Love your scrappy quilts. I spy the Tardis!

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I don’t know. I guess I work quick. I frequently do three of four tops. And add them to the pile.

Then I feel guilty and baste and quilt a couple on the same day.

Hyper focus and procrastination… It’s a weird but effective blend.


Just lovely!
And I totally get the hyper focus and procrastination vibe

Beautiful…love scrappy more than I do any other kind of quilt…I may just chop up some fabric just to make more scraps…you have the best scraps…

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Welcome back? It’s so good to see you!! :heart:


Gorgeous! The blue is lovely.

it’s like a squared ocean. I love it!