Gryffinder teacosy. Aka I knit something (I don't knit!)

This was a kit in our local Aldi, only €5 (about$6) and included everything, needles, even a darning needle to sew it up.It was cheap ass yarn, but it I persisted and it turned out ok.

This is my DH modelling it.



Nice! Love his ears poking out

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He’s a good sport! :rofl:

Nice job! Especially for someone who doesn’t knit (like me). That’s pretty cool that it was a complete kit.

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Adorable! Both the cozy, and the model. :heart:

Ah ha! This is so fun and cute! And if he ever wants a hat that doesn’t keep his ear warm, he’s set.

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I saw this and then did a double take when I saw it was you, I was all “Wait, Edel doesn’t like knitting!” It looks great! (and I have wicked Aldi jealousy! Mine never has the cool stuff yours does!)

He is adorable in the cute thing :hugs:

I think the earhole at the back would make a cool way of letting your ponytails hang out without bunching up your hat.
You might not like knitting, but you seem natural at it.


Did they not have Ravenclaw? You are throwing everyone off with this project, lol. But it’s awesome!! I love the pom-pom on top.

They did not have ravenclaw, there was a choice of this teacosy and a few characters, dumbledore, mcgonagil. I figured we would use a tea-cosy!

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HA! This is great!

Nice work!!

:rainbow: Well, lookie here! Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :fire:

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Well thank you very much, its all down to the model though :grin:

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Presentation matters!

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Don’t know what I love more that you knit when you don’t, the modeling or that your Aldi’s sells knitting kits!!! Fabulous job!

The ear peeking out is awesome! You did amazing as always

I love the ear holes. :grinning:

The tea cozy is amazing! I’ve never seen a kit like that at Aldi, but what a great idea!