Guitar Ornament for Rockin' the Holidays with tutorial

Music is essential to me. So when @endymion posted a request for a guitar on the Ongoing Ornament Swap I just had to craft it.
While brainstorming, I was inspired by @CatwithSevenToes miniatures. A few hours of youtube later and this delightful decoration was well on its way!

The circular ornament behind it is celebrate the wonderful boomerangs of mid century modern style andto protect the guitar strap from the rough branches of some evergreen. They can be separated easily.

In case anyone has a guitar player on their gift list, I took pictures each step of the way.
First cut three copies of the body making sure to remember the hole in two.
I used wood disks for this, but many popsicle sticks glued side by side work as well, just sand them flat if they aren’t naturally.

To cut a hole, start by cutting a cross from the middle. Then cut to connect the arms of the cross.
Use a file to round out the hole and get rid of splinters. From here on out, if something is cut out stuck together, file it smoothe. I forgot to take pictures of all the file time, but it was almost constant.


Now for the neck. Trace the shape of the neck and head on another popsicle stick. I used the tip on an exacto to make marks and then played connect the dots to cut the shape.

Since the guitar I was mimicking had a neck that went to the hole, a groove was cut out of the body to fit the neck.

Cut 21 lines across the neck. They should be further apart towards the head and close together towards the body.

Using wood glue, stack the pieces together and hold in place. Sewing clips worked great for this.

Out of scrap pieces, carve the bridge and saddle. They will be tiny fiddly things to cut and glue, but worth the hassle.
Paint the body
I used alcohol inks with glittery craft paint over the top to get that festive shimmer on the front and back with a glittery back for the sides. The rest were just alcohol inks layered.

Once everything is dried, assemble with more wood glue.

Fit the fretboard (neck) into it’s groove and clip in place.
Draw on the chord guides and decorate as much as you wish.

Just remember to use a spray clear coat to seal in the amazing work!

Now just rock on!


this kicks butt! So realistic!

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I love how shimmery it is! Very cool.

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Lovely mid century vibe.
Cool, daddy-o!

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You really nailed this!

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I love, love, love my guitar ornament! It so rocks!!!

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Well this is awesome! So much work in such a tiny piece!

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Thanks for the compliments. It should be noted that my first guitar drawing looked like a peanut with a pacifier, so I’m beyond thrilled with how it turned out!

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