Gypsy wagon diorama

Finished my gypsy wagon


That’s so cool. I love that it has two rooms in it!

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Lots of fun details!!

Thank you x

This is great! I especially love all the signage on the outside, as well as all the portrait on the wall and that rug on the inside.

This is really neat! I like the choice of lace for the curtains, it goes perfectly with the rooms!

This is a delight!

It’s lovely!

Hitch up the horses I’m goin’ a’traveling with my gypsy troupe. I love this.

I love this!

This is so great too!
Is it wrong that I want this full size in my backyard?!

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Thank you all for your replies I’m so glad you all love it , I have wanted to do a fortune teller theme for ages x

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