Hair Bow Holder

I snagged a 16x20 picture frame from the secondhand store and hot glued pretty ribbons to the back to create this clip holder for my daughter’s room. Decor and function all in one.

Here it is in action!



Oooh this is great!! One of my favorite craft bazaar finds is an earring rack that hangs on the wall; I am so much more likely to actually use all my earrings when they’re displayed where I can see them all! I’m sure this will have the same effect, plus the ribbons are indeed pretty!!

Great upcycle!

Love it!

Awesome clip holder!

Geeeeenius! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Clever idea! I think there’s one of these in my future:)

What a great idea! Keeps them in sight and uncrushed! And so cute :smile:

Very clever!

So cute, now she can easily see and pick out ribbons