Hair Experiments-a family ATC

I’ve had some interesting hair colors in my day. This memory is for my DIL, who dyed my hair hot pink/ fuschia and then helped me to transition to super bright cherry red! These days I just stick to the silver… although I AM considering some lavender on the ends…… :thinking:


I love how you are documenting your life with your family in ATCs!


I love the illustration on this one! What a great memory to commemorate with your DIL.

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Love the appropriately splattered background. Cute addition to your series!

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Thank you, friends!

Do you give these away or keep them all together? The images all together in a printed coffee table book would make a striking autobiography of a family at some milestone moment. I’m picturing it with the images and word explanations arranged in the family chronological order and marked at a milestone wedding anniversary or something. (As volume 1. Then continues on indefinitely)

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