Hair Forks

Does anybody make their own hair forks or hair sticks from scratch?

Or at least have a source for blanks?

Any suggestions or resources?

I’m currently sporting a pair of double-ended knitting needles to hold my bun. I’d like options.


I bet @appledainty has a source for blanks!

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My office mate uses chopsticks or pencils…

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I bought some on Amazon once but don’t recall the name of the vendor.



I don’t have a source to share, I just wanted to point out that those craft supplies for crafts you do not do have come in handy. Again. This is not helping any of us downsize our stashes lol

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Actually, the knitting needles don’t work real well because they’re rough with glue from some other alternate use.

I had planned to buy some lacquer chopsticks this summer, but we didn’t make it to chinatown. Sigh.

I used a pair of lovely chopsticks that I inherited from my grandmother.

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a quick search for “hairstick blanks” turns up a bunch of stuff on etsy & ali express, tho if you want straight sticks, a quick trim & sanding on a pair of chopsticks should be fine too.

My father used to make hairsticks on a lathe (one year for christmas he coached my brother & me thru making one each of a pair for my mother) and if your hair tends to be more slippery something with a little bit of spiral to the stick part can help them stay in better.

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Good tips, thanks!

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