Half an egg?

I want to make half of a boxed cake mix that requires 3 eggs. So would I just add one egg and then separately beat a second egg? Measure that and use half of that amount? I have not halved an egg in a long time and do not remember the outcome.

that’s what I would do. And I’d save the other half and throw in my scrambled eggs the next morning.

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I would just put two eggs in. An egg is kinda a loose measurement any way. Small, large, extra large…your cake will be a bit richer and fluffier.


I would just use two eggs as well. If they are extra large eggs, then just use one. Most recipes are geared for large eggs, so decide by that just as @marionberries said.

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Me three, 2 eggs!

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A lot of times the “pros” will tell you to add another egg to a box cake to make it richer, anyway, so I am on team Two Eggs. I have twice followed this advice by adding an egg as well as replacing the oil with butter (1:1) and gotten compliments on the cake. The last time from a gen-u-ine food snob who probably would be mortified that he complimented a box cake. [eye roll]


I will use two eggs, a little extra fluffy is fine. I am a frosting snob and will be making pineapple butter cream to pair with pineapple cupcakes. Thanks for the advice!