Half Circle Shawl

With lots of things going on (anxiety up, loss of my cat) I wanted something mindless to work on. This worked perfectly for that. The yarn was given to me by my older sister (Lion Brand).



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Very pretty!

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Gorgeous and that looks like a great size! So sorry to hear about your life not going the best lately, but at least now you have a snuggly shawl to give you hugs.

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It came out wonderful! I hope it brings you lots of comfort. :heart:

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I am so sorry to hear about your fur baby. I am glad you were able to focus that energy into something productive. The shawl is lovely. The colors are some of my favorites.


So pretty.

Wonderful choice of colors.

Those colors are so pretty! Those furry companions sure leave a void behind when they leave us… I’m glad you had something to help you keep your mind off it a little.

Thank you all for the comments! Hopefully I’ll be posting more things like this as I have a huge yarn stash I’m determined to start whittling down. The fiber fest I usually go to each year is going on this year so I’ll be getting more. I haven’t been in three years (first missed year I had surgery, then my sister got married, then covid). I may be increasing my stash a lot then, lol.

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Beautiful! Reminds me of a butterfly when it spreads its wings!

Oooh a fiber fest sounds so fun! I don’t even really knit or crochet and I still want to go smoosh all the yarn!!

Congratulations! This has been selected as one of this week’s featured projects.

MASW by chance? I would drive up for a meet up and fiber fest fun! Undecided if I am going to NYS S&W this year

I’ve not been to MASW but want to some day. I do NY S&W with my mother. We love it (and she’s not really into that stuff either but it’s still fun).

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