Hallmark Movie Watching Blanket

I made this for my grandma. She loves to sit in her recliner and watch Hallmark Movies. I got a fleece walmart blanket and bought the svg on etsy. I have never done something this large before but it turned out great.


Wow! That turned out great! I bet she’s going to love it.

It’s so hot here right now, I might need some This is my Hallmark Movie watching underpants! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


This is awesome!!! :smile:

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Love it!

What a great gift! I bet your grandma will love it!

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I love it! I :heart: florals and she’s going to love that you personalized it for her.

The title for this post is epic. I’m so happy other people name everyday things with oddball names! Fun blanket for your grandma.