Halloween Cat Mug Bottle Brush Tree Decoration

Eep! I picked up this awesome Dept56 mug at a thrift store a at least 4 years ago, dyed the tree about 3 years ago, and FINALLY put together this little Halloween decoration!

Normally my Halloween style leans way more into the dark realms of gross and dark, but I do love some vintage-style cute, so this piece will be a stand out at our place in October.

I’m thinking of this as a stash-buster-y project since I’ve had the mug and tree for years as well as the embellishments and glitter on the tree - some of those green balls have been around since the early 2000s!


Just stop! This is fabu!

love this. What halloweeny fun!

Thanks, friends! I’m lovin’ it, too!

What a great find and I love the upcycle!

Thank you!