Halloween Chunky Houses..Owls, Pumpkins, Cats and more

I have admired the collection of Halloween Chunky Houses for quite some time. Seeing them all on the Pinterest board of @irid3sc3nt finally sucked me into making them!

I wasn’t quite sure what to use as a sturdy base, but then remembered that I had some chip board cutouts that I had purchased to make shrines.

The first one was for @irid3sc3nt … she did have cats on her theme list, but I decided to include as many Halloweenie things as I could: bats, pumpkins, spiders, tombstone, skulls…

I painted the frame and backing black before backing the top part with mylar paper and a scrap of metallic skull paper for the rest. I added a few windows and the door and added all of the fussy cut pieces.

There is some black paper lace trim around the opening, and of course, going over the top meant adding painted dots and shiny gem stones. :grin:

You can sort of see the shiny mylar paper peeking through the cut outs.

The second house was for @thanate . I sort of went with her spooky garden theme. I used watercolor to paint pumpkins then fussy cut them out. The vine is a bit of fabric trim leftover from another project. I just added some lines and dots. I pretty much repeated what I did on the first house.

You can see a bit more of the 3D effect here…

I really loved this one and am going to make myself something similar for display on my mantel.

Thanks for looking…looks like I will probably be joining this swap next year as well…I really enjoyed making these!


Mylar paper! Did you cut up a balloon? Or is that sold just as paper? It’s so shiny! I have orange shiny super thin paper that was supposed to be used for covering homemade candy, I think. It’s kind of a PITA to work with, though, since it tears easily and you can see where it is glued down.


I love both of them!
Lovely work, great details.

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I got it at Joann’s…it came in a sheet…they had gold, silver, red, blue and green…it is like card stock, so not thin at all…it was in the racks of paper and fairly cheap!

There is an iridescent one as well… :astonished:

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Ya had to mention that :laughing:
I just put in a Joann order on Sunday. It’s a little further away from me so I took the $1.99 shipping offer. It’s probably cheaper than gas, actually.

The iridescent one is at Dollar Tree! I am constantly amazed at what they stock there…I am trying not to buy any more supplies, but, sometimes the stuff just calls your name loudly!


My friend has the “good” Dollar Tree by her. It stocks the most stuff. She can find small cutting mats there whereas they have never been at the one by me. I did buy a lot of stuff there yesterday for projects, upcoming Halloween party, storage for items, and Halloween stuff to paint pastel (one was an articulated wooden skeleton with a non-creepy smile).

They raised their prices, though.

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Gorgeous houses!

I went to Dollar Tree yesterday, but in my defense, I have already used some each of two of the seven craft supplies I bought.


The are both so great! You really captured the moody feeling of Halloween night!

Wow! These are splendid! Love the one with the pumpkins especially .

Ooo, I just love these chunky houses! Such great details all around, but the fabric trim vine might be my favorite bit on them.

Oooooooooo I LOVE THESE!!

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You did an amazing job. These are super cool and I love the feel of them. Spooktacular!

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These are wonderfully Halloweeny! They really give the feel of the season. I would have never guessed you never made one before!

They seem to be done similar to chunky ATCs or shrines… @irid3sc3nt had so many examples that I could basically just do what I was comfortable doing…

I would like to use found materials like cardboard but I need to get better at using my exacto knife for any cut outs!

You can do very simple and basic or very elaborate, but they all seem to turn out great!


These both came out beautifully, but I think I love the pumpkins most. I kinda want to squish them. In a good way.

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:metal: :zap: :boom: Oh, my giggles! Your great craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :metal: :zap: :boom: