Halloween Countdown Calendar

My SIL has an October birthday and LOVES getting Halloween-themed birthday gifts, so I finally decided to make this Halloween Countdown calendar as a gift for her!

The svg files are from SVGCuts and I added Sizzix-cut die cuts and stickers to the “cubbies” which I added before adhering the front/doors to the body of the calendar. This makes it something she can use year to year if she wants whether someone refills it or not.

I also found all the filling before attaching the front. There are candies and other Halloween-y things.

To the back, I added a Sizzix-cut panel and a big sticker.

I also “embellished” the cats doing the 3/4 pose with a wee dot of pink craft paint - we’re that kind of family!


Some closer details of the die cuts behind the doors. The dies are various Tim Holtz for Sizzix sets.


Overall it is approximately 11" x 11" x 1.25". I decided to use some stickers to help keep the doors shut in transit.


What a fun birthday gift! Countdown, display, and loads of goodies!

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So cute! The odd-shaped cubbies and vintage-looking designs give it a really arty look.

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Gosh, that’s amazing. The things you do with paper :exploding_head:

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Thanks, everyone!

This is so fun and so cool! I love everything about it!

Wow, that’s really cool! I love advent calendars. :slight_smile:

This is so freakin cool!

Oh this is just so fun. I have a spooky girl who would LOVE something like this. Even more than an xmas version. :laughing: Inspiring… :thinking:

Thanks, y’all!

This is AWESOME! Such a great idea and I love the spider web design!

And the zom-bees! I chuckled. Are those socks? How appropriately diabolical that she gets the two socks on different days! :smiling_imp:

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So cute! Good design and I like the little compartments!

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Thanks, folks! The design is all credit to SVGCuts where I bought the files.

Yes! That’s the only way they’d fit. :grimacing: I decided to do the earrings that way, too, because finding a non-candy to fit into the smaller cubbies. Mwahahahaaaa!

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