Halloween jewelry

I just moved my Halloween and Day of the Dead jewelry front and center so I’ll remember to wear it if I ever go anyplace, and thought I’d share pix.

11 months a year, they live way up by the ceiling.

My oldest and favorite! The necklace reads LOVE DEATH LUCK; the earrings say LE BONE & CHANCE. The skulls are accented with tiny glass cards, dice, and letters because those were the only black and white beads I had, inspiring the theme. The crimson hearts add some love.

Stone skull earring variations. I love these skulls, and combined them with charms, tassels, roses, and a big pair of rose earrings that needed something special.

I used nail polish to match these skulls to my leggings.

Pink flamingos skellies. I drew these with sharpie marker on white paper, cut them out, then embedded them in resin with pink tissue paper behind them. The white paper almost disappeared.

Black cats. Like the flamingos, but I colored the paper yellow and didn’t use any tissue. Rhinestone eyes in the pendant, glitter eyes in the earrings.

I went crazy buying Day of the Dead inspired charms on eBay. And they all came in packs of a dozen! I made DotD christmas ornaments as gifts that year, to use up the leftovers.

Bats! These are bat sequins from the dollar store embedded in resin. Kind of like the faces/vase illusion, the trefoil center can be the first thing you see.


I love the day of the dead stuff!!

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I love these, particularly the pink skull earrings these need year round wearing.

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I love them, but they’re too similar to my skin color and just disappear, so I never wear them. :frowning: