Halloween Kitty Dress

For the Halloween swap I made my partner, @wittychild this Halloween kitty dress. I wish there was material like this to make a dress for me. I used a free pattern from Pixiehill Studios.


So cute and festive in paper and would be even more so in fabric on you!


Yes! I need a life size one of those!

So sweet! And a fun reminder of who sent the gift, too!

That was my first thought, too! This is seriously the most adorable thing ever.

Cute! I love the bat. I could totally see you rocking something like this!

Spoonflower?? I’d love to see @kittykill rocking a dress like this. It’s cute in paper but would be great in real life!

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Wah, cute! A people sized dress would be so great.


More fabric!

This is so cute. I love the way the bat accents the waist.