Halloween Mug Rug/Mini Quilt

Made this for irid3sc3nt, one of my partners in the Little Good Things Swap (Craftster’s finale of organized exchanges) who is a Halloween Queen and fan of chunky houses:

And here are some detail shots:


Forgot to include this picture of the rainbow spider webbing back:Back


Nice mugrug with those bats and haunted house! This will make Halloween all the more special. The back certainly is colorful and that pattern of webs and rings is almost trippy lol. What a fun project!

Thanks – and the backing IS fairly psychedelic, isn’t it!

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Such a fun print! Is it glowy in black light by chance?

:grin: I don’t think it’s made for that but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of those colors popped under black light!

Nicely done! Very Halloween-ish! I like the background fabric you chose for the front.

Love it! And the backing is awesome too!

That background fabric is terrific! You used it well to add the haunted house and bats…such fine stitching on those…

I love the fabrics you chose. That is great!

Love the bats, and the background fabric especially!

That is great, you do such beautiful work.

This piece is so fun - and it’s a unique take her love of Chunky Houses. It captures the topic, but in a very different medium. WONDERFUL!


I love this!

Thanks, everyone!