Halloween Rosette

I wasn’t quite sure where to post this project. It is made of paper, so guess here is the place.

I have wanted to make a rosette for so long…I have lots of them on my Pinterest board, and I have seen people here make them as well. They look quite complicated (and well, they sort of are to me!).

The idea behind making it is that you take a rectangle, fold it accordion style, and then turn it into a circle…what!!!

I had a hard time doing that and after many attempt, I finally found a cool little tip…using a can lid to help mold the rosette as it dried!

I used some paper punch outs that I bidded on when LC was getting started. How appropriate that they came from @TheMistressT because the project was for @kittykill and they are best buds!

Since I did this all by hand, it is a little wonky, but, Halloween, wonky and @kittykill all go together!

Front: tiny rosette with fringe trim, large rosette with painted dots, ribbon

Back: Since it was for the Positive Affirmation Swap, I just had to add how I feel about my partner!

My plan is to use up some more scrapbooking paper to make a rosette bunting…but it can wait until next year! Thanks for looking!


Combining Halloween and self-esteem building, great combo!


This turned out great! That lil owl-y in the middle is so cute!

It is one that was in the pile of things I got from you! So cute!!!


Lovely, and everything looks so well- coordinated! I love the idea of a rosette bunting, too.

I think it’s beautiful, just perfect for Halloween :smiley: Great job

This turned out great! I think the imperfections are what makes it special. Has the feel of a county fair prize. Awesome!

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This is a really cool way to couch an affirmation! Very pretty, too!

I love it! It’s true-Halloween, wonky and me go together! The best thing about it is that after Halloween, I can just turn it around and hang it up to remind me of being awesome!