Halloween Scary Book

It’s never too early to start up on Halloween crafting! I used some Solid Moon Book Pages from Alpha Stamps to make a spooky Halloween book. A Haunted House overlay was the basis for the perfect cover art for the book. I painted the overlay black, and added scrapbook papers plus a moon and pumpkins from collage sheets to set the spooky scene. You can just see the tiny skeletons peaking through the windows. This book was bound with a Zutter Bind-It-All.

It was fun to mix and match Halloween papers to make each page different. Once each page was covered, I used lots of individual images from collage sheets to fill the space. I kept moving everything around until I was happy with the layout. For the really busy pages, it helped to take a photo before removing everything for gluing.

Closeups! The first page is a clowder of cats. (Yes, a group of cats is called a clowder. I looked it up.) I love the vintage look of these frightful felines.

Next up, some jack o’lanterns. That background paper has to be my favorite.

Witch, please! It’s so nice that this coven got together for a group photo. Better look behind you, witches.

These shady fellows are obviously up to no good. Are those the ghosts of past victims of this poison dealer?

The penultimate page features happy trick-or-treaters. Witch better have my candy!

I found the perfect image for the final page. It fits beautifully, and it makes me laugh to think that of all the scary things featured in this book, Medusa seems to finds the fun loving children on the adjacent page to be the most horrifying.

This book was bound with a Zutter Bind-It-All. All the pages are sturdy cardboard, so it can stand up by itself. Happy early Halloween!


Just send this to my house, okay? LOL! (just kidding, kinda). This is AMAZING! I love it.


That is fabulous!

So awesome!!!

This is fabulous! I love seeing your Halloween projects!

I am in love! Each page and spread is just creepily wonderful. And all the base papers are so fun to peep.

My grandson who was born on Halloween would lose his mind over this book. It’s so neat. I want that Medusa as a tattoo.

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I don’t think I can express how much I’m in love with your book! The papers you picked, the layout, Medusa, it’s all wonderful.

I love all of these! So cute and clever!

Congrats! Your Halloween Scary Book is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

What a treat! Love this little Halloween book

This is amazing!! I really love it.

Aw, thanks!

This is fantastic and I love the use of clowder (or a glaring :wink:).

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Soooo fun!