Halloween Table Mats

I got the fabric strips, I think they are called jelly rolls. The roll had 2 1/2 inch strips of 5 different fabrics. I made two mats but had enough to make 4. The roll was 5.67 at Walmart. I will make treat bags with the rest. They are not perfect my centers are a bit wonky as are my mitered corners, but good enough. Patchwork is not my forte.


These look great! I don’t see any flaws. The fabrics are super cute.

What a fun way to dress up the table! I like the pattern that you used!

They look great! I love the fabrics.

I love the spiderweb effect the pattern has

They look fantastic! So festive.

My patchwork style is “wonky” too. I’ve decided to embrace it! :laughing:

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They are perfect, the shape is mimics a spiderweb and all spiderwebs are unique. Love the colors and fabrics.


Wow! This is really pretty.

These are fun! (I need to make more place mats… maybe something similar might work…)

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I used a YouTube video on making 60 degree triangles with a ruler. I didn’t want to buy another specialty ruler for triangles.

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Ah, nobody’s looking at the corners! These are just too much fun!

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It looks great, totally fitting vibe for Halloween time :jack_o_lantern:

Super cute and festive. I like the shape of them too. Extra spook-tacular!

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