Halloween Tableaux

It’s Halloween season! Because I can never have too much Halloween decor, or do too much Halloween crafting, I had a blast making these tableaux to celebrate my favorite spooky holiday. I used some “Spiderweb Mirrors” from Alpha Stamps for each scene. I made them each a stand out of tissue paper wrapped foam core, and then went to work spooking them up.

The first one I did was a witch in a graveyard. The gravestones are painted chipboard, and the scaredy cat is a vintage cupcake pick. I gave him some goofy big eyes (actually fish eyes for making fishing flies), and now he looks extra scared.

Side view:

The second one is more of a kids’ Halloween. Lots of bright colors, candies, and fun costumes. The kid on the left is attached to the back of the scene, and her friend in front is attached with foam tape, so in person, it’s more dimensional than it looks here. Hey, you’re invited to a Spook Party!

The cat head on top is attached with foam tape to a stack of Dresden medallions. The paper medallion is glued to the back of the scene.

Trick or treat!


You’re the queen of Halloween! Gorgeous as usual

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Love love love these!:heart:

Omigosh - as soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew exactly who was behind this most excellent witchery. These are fabulous (but then, I wouldn’t expect anything else)!!! :jack_o_lantern:

I adore your halloween crafts! These are exceptional!

I love how you gave each piece dimension…and that black cat…so adorable…what a great use of those lure fish eyes (I have some from my dad’s old tackle box!)…very colorful and fun to look at…ready to decorate your room in October (coming soon!)…

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Love these so hard!

These are so cool! :jack_o_lantern:

Those are Amazing!!! So much detail!!!

Those are amazing.

Fishing fly eyes! That’s so clever, and the effect is wonderful.

So much detail! I love how you combined paper with 3D embellishments, yet also created added dimension with the placement of your paper pieces. They are fabulous in the pictures, but I bet they’re even better in real life!

How big is each one?

They’re 5” tall.

Thanks for the nice words, everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You make THE perfect Halloween stuff.

So much to love about these, I bookmarked to drool over later!

Both are beautiful!!

Congrats! Your Halloween Tableaux is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

YOU rock!

Thanks for the feature. :blush:

I always love to see your work. It’s so clean and precise and always fun!

What gorgeous little worlds! All the layers and textures really make them special. The scaredy cat is so funny and I like how you did the cat medallion on the other one.