Halloween Wreath

I bought this kit back in 2014, and it sat, patiently waiting for me to make it. I finally gathered up the rest of the supplies that I needed and put it together. I didn’t have the stamp set that went with the wreath (this is a kit from Stampin’ Up), so I stamped the letters using a letter stamp set. And then I glued it on wrong and couldn’t salvage it. So, I printed it out on my color printer instead.

I wish the beaded spider showed up better, but here’s a closeup:


Cool spider, great wreath!

Thanks! The spider took the longest to make- I haven’t done any beading in a while, and my eyesight isn’t what it once was, so it slowed me down a bit. But, I do love how it looks!

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Cute spider!

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Thanks! It’s my favorite part of the wreath :slight_smile:

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I love it! Everything came together nicely!

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That’s so dang festive! I kind of like how the spider is a bit subtle… more likely to be startling! Like a real spider. EEK!

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Thanks! It does look a little off center in the picture, but it looks much more aligned in person :slight_smile:

And, while Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday (that would be Thanksgiving), I have been gathering up some decorations over the years. This is just the first step in displaying them.

And, somewhere, I have a couple of beaded spider kits. I should dig those out for potential decorating use :spider: :spider_web:

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Beaded spiders are so fascinating to me! Love the dark purple of yours. And that web?!? Gorgeous!

The web is made from glitter paper (thank goodness it came pre-cut!), and I only got a little bit of glitter on me :wink:


I love it all! Glitter, spider, orange, the web…but seriously, after getting a spider ornament last year in a swap, the spider is my favorite!

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Your beaded spider is really neat! This is such a fun Halloween wreath!

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Thank you! The spider does look really cool on there, and I’m wishing I hadn’t glued it in place. But, I think I could easily remove it once the wreath loses it’s sparkle :slight_smile:

:scissors: :yarn: What-ho, Gentle Crafter! Your craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :thread: :page_with_curl:

I think the wreath looks great! How big is it?
The spider reminds me of the story of the Christmas spiders, just because it’s so pretty. Was that a tutorial from SU or something you found or an original creation…?

So cool! It is I think the first Halloween wreath I have ever liked and I am old, lol. Great job

This is fantastic! I love it and like many other mentioned, that spider makes it. Nicely done!

Thank you so much! I am honored!

Thank you! It’s about 14" across (plus a bit for the fuzziness of the black tinsel). I don’t know the story of the Christmas spiders, so I guess I’ll have to look that up! The whole thing came as part of a kit, including the spider. I did watch a video tutorial just for clarity, but it did come with printed instructions.

LOL! Thank you! And, I’m right there with you- it’s not too creepy or too cutesy! And, it’s on my inside door on my porch, but is visible from the street and it’s still eye-catching due to the glittery web.

Thank you! And now, I really do need to dig out those beaded spider kits I’ve had forever. Combined with the story of the Christmas spider, I think I’ll be making some for Christmas this year!


that is very cool - like the vintage but elegant look of it.

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Thank you! I wasn’t sure I was going to like it when I first started putting it together (it has elements I don’t usually love), but I do like the final outcome!