Halloween Zippered Pouch

This is hands down one of my favourite pouch patterns, this is now the 4th I’ve made!

For this one I bought some little tassels And faux leather string from Etsy, I wasn’t exactly sure how to tie them on, so I just had a go :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t have a coordinating thread, or so I thought! I had this perfect green and orange variagated thread in my small collection which I LOVED sewing with. I’m definitely going to have to buy some more to have on hand for my next pouch :wink:


That fabric is so cute! And man-o-man I love some good topstitch. That variagated thread works perfect with that fabric. It all looks so very well sewn. :yellow_heart:

(My pouches are always so fiddly. :weary: Maybe if I practiced more. )


The variegated thread was perfect! The style of the pouch is cute and you did a stellar job of stitching it up. Cute fabric choice too.

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So cute! I love the thread detail.

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Love this! And the little tassels! Which pattern did you use?

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Very cute! I love the patchwork side. :slight_smile:
The tassels remind me of the ends of witch brooms! They’re so perfect for the pouch.

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Lovely little zippered pouch!

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Oh my goodness! Super cute! I really like the fabric.

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Thank you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:

The pumpkin fabric is actually the lining and there is a clear vinyl panel on the front of the bag, so you can see what’s in there at a glance. I hadn’t thought of broomsticks, but you’re right! :grinning:

Me too! I had to unpick my first two attempts of the front near the zipper side, because it wasn’t perfect, and if there’s anything that finishes a project nicely, it’s beautiful top stitching :wink:

The pattern I used is called What’s In Your Bag :slightly_smiling_face:


What a great little pouch! Love the fabric, the thread, and that little window!

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Cute bag! I wondered about the clear vinyl over the pumpkins, neat you can see inside.

I made a zippered purse recently. The two zip pockets went smoothly and look great, but I totally lost it on the top zipper; I’ll have to rip and replace.

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Super freaking cute! I love the transparent side. Perfect for project bags!

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Nice job! I do love the clear pouch!

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Congrats! Your Halloween Zipper Pouch is one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!