Halp! Spray tacky glue

Sooooo… my stepson always steals my Warriors blanket and insists that it is his. So, one day, when we were in JoAnn’s, I told him to pick out some fabric and I would make him his own blanket!!!

He picked a super soft faux fur and a cuddle minky. :flushed: One of them alone would be sticky and a pain in the rear. Them together was a nightmare! I tried pinning and then using wonder clips. Ugh. Finally…like an idiot, I decided to use some tacky spray I had for quilting stuff. sigh I sewed it and it nearly killed my machine with all the fuzz (to be fixed soon). But I washed it to get the sticky off and…well, it came off the cuddle fabric, but is still all over the fur. :woman_facepalming:t2:

Please please tell me I have options. I went online to look and it talks about cooking oil or rubbing alcohol.


This is where you contact the manufacturer of your spray because you could end up with a blanket coated in mayonnaise, peanut butter, etc.

Good luck sweetie, I hope you figure it out!


I certainly would experiment on a scrap piece first…maybe spray some of the quilting spray on the fake fur and try various things…I use the stuff all the time and was told to wash in cold water so that it comes out in clumps…air dry…apparently heat gums the stuff up…


My heart breaks for you. Follow manufacturer’s advice … that said… Have you tried ice cubes?
Suggestion for minky+furry fleece: Instead of directly sewing the two together, perhaps a wide strip of cotton binding to save your machine, your sanity, and tribbles. And long pins.

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