Hand Mixer Straps - Keeping It All Together

We don’t have a hand mixer. I usually am able to substitute the stand mixer, but for a recipe at xmas I couldn’t make that work. I was able to borrow this mixer from a neighbor. It has this cool container for all the parts (beaters, dough hooks, and a whisk) and the cord which I think is awesome.

But don’t let the handle on top fool you… you can not carry the whole lot by that handle. The plastic bit is just barely attached an it will all tumble to the ground! :frowning_face:

Well, TheMisterT needed an hand mixer recently, so we borrowed it again! So, I decided to look into getting one for us and it turns out this exact model was highly rated by reputable sources.


I found a like-new one on Ebay for about half the price of new (including shipping) and jumped on it! I knew he would never remember to pick up by the base (nor would I!), so I decided to fashion some kind of strap for it and give him the whole set up for his spring birthday.

The poison labels print is for him and the cute kitchen bowls print is for our neighbor - she can’t stand that base issue!


The buttons and buttonholes are supported a little extra with fusible interfacing.

They are entirely from stash including vintage buttons from the 4-generation button tin and the liner fabrics that I received when I friend de-stashed last year. YEY!


That’s freaking genius! And those fabrics are perfect.


Thanks! I’m really pleased with how they turned out and was really excited to get to use that pink print.


Excellent fix for what sounds like a horribly annoying problem.

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Ok, first this is a fabulous project both for the execution and the problem solving win.

Second, now Meghan Trainor’s “All about that base” is stuck in my head.


I love that you made one for the neighbor too! So kind! Love this solution to the problem.


Thanks, friends! I made a pattern, so if you have one of these, I’m your gal! :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I get to give it to her on Friday! I sent a picture to her already, because I couldn’t figure out how to surprise her with it and get it out of my house!


That’s brilliant! And totally cute!

I have that mixer, too, and I solved the problem by keeping my beaters in a drawer. I like yours better.

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Great solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist!

And happy mixday to the mister.

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Thanks, y’all!

Your solution is just common sense! We really just do not have any room in any kitchen drawer which is why this mixer appealed to me so much… except how it didn’t really work. :upside_down_face:


Super great idea! I love it

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Great problem solving! And sweet of you to make one for the neighbor.

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So clever! And the fabric choices are PERFECT!!


Thanks, friends!

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What a fantastically cute solution to a common problem! That poison fabric cracks me up. If you ever get burgled, you know that they probably won’t take the mixer since you may have mixed poison with it and it specifically says “not to be taken”. ha! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I love that fabric, too! It was originally purchased for boxer shorts - now a fave of TheMisterT! Also his favorite mask! I will probably keep every scrap of that until it is gone.


Clever and so sweet of you to include one for your neighbor. I love how the poison fabric almost makes the mixer look more like a power tool instead of a kitchen tool.

PS. That poison fabric would make a cool scarf too.


That is a really great idea!

Nice fabric choices for a smart solution to a frustrating problem!

So beautiful and practical!