Hand warmers for Mom

So, since I’m still new and can’t post in the snapshot thread, I’m posting this WIP here so I can get some cheerleaders that help push me to finish these on time (aiming for Mother’s Day)
I’m making these for my mom because she works from home now (thanks COVID) and is using SOCKS with holes cut into the toes to keep her hands warm!! And as a knitter, that is unacceptable to me.
She really loved the socks I made for my friend, she loved the pattern, so I’m half-making this up as I go.
I’m using yarn from my stash, Patons Grace in Cardinal (her favorite color is red)
I’ll post the pattern as I go, along with pictures! So here goes:
The pattern
CO 60 sts, and join without twisting.
Work in k2/p2 rib for 14 rounds
Knit one round
Move sts around until you have 28 sts on needle 1, 16 sts on needle 2, and 16 sts on needle 3.
Knit 28 stitches (Needle 1). Work row one of chart over next 32 stitches (needles 2 and 3). Continue in this manner until you have completed 1 pattern repeat

The pictures
The Chart:

Picture 1:

Picture 2:


I love making fingerless gloves because my hands get cold as well, especially in air conditioned spaces!

What a lovely gift…Red is also my favorite color, so I will cheer you on!

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I’ve been meaning to make some removable finger fleece gloves because my tablet doesn’t recognize taps from gloved fingers.
But I haven’t done it yet, and we’re in the last few days of cold weather…

You can do this! That yarn is such a gorgeous shade of red. I love knitting fingerless gloves as well…are you loosely basing your mom’s hand warmers on another pattern? Can’t wait to see how it turns out :slight_smile:

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You’ve got this! How many rows (rounds?) do you think you need to complete each day to finish this, or are you just going to work on it some, let it set, then pick it up and work on it again? That’s a lovely shade of red.

I made these socks

With this pattern from ravelry.com:
And I’m using the pattern for the back of the hand and just kinda… winging it. :grin:

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I am going to try and work on it as much as I can each day. Some days I won’t be able to, and some days I’ll be able to work on it quite a bit.
I’ve got carpal tunnel pretty bad, so I have to judge each day as it comes :tired_face: my whole hand goes numb if I work too long.


lol If your mom is wearing socks on her hands, making these will be a lot easier than socks…she will appreciate a nicer fit! lol


Those socks are beautiful. And I love the red cheery mits. I love fingerless mittens, keeps the hands warm and the fingers free.

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they are going to be gorgeous!!! like everyone else, THAT RED!! so gorgeous!!

That’s a beautiful pattern. Looking forward to seeing them finished!