Handicraft bingo-along 2022 (embroidery bingo)

Fika sounds sort of like having a tea break!

Yeah, something like that! Coffee is a more common drink for fika, I think. I somehow never “learned” to drink coffee so I drink tea, or water/nothing if there are no tea bags in the fika-room. (Yep, the break room at workplaces is more often than not called the fika room)

I made a bunch of french knots last night, and this tutorial helped:

Lavender has joined the teams call.


Linda your embroidery is fabulous! I love the ‘chunky’ appearance :heart_eyes:

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Ok, so apparently I’m feeling adventurous tonight!

First I tried a new stitch for the border of the next square. It’s not very pretty, and I was on the last side when I started to get the hang of it.

And then… then I thought a shrimp would look good in that square. I started cutting a shrimp shape from felt to change things up, and was reminded of a stumpwork workshop I attended mumblety years ago. Well. I guess I’m winging a stumpwork-y shrimp on what I vaguely remember from that workshop + a fair bit of flying by the seat of my pants. Yay :grin:

I’m going to try and make an alive looking shrimp and not a cooked one. We’ll see how that goes…


Ooh, I like your squares, different colors and different stitches! Nice!

Im a bit behind, but managed a couple of squares this last weekend. Will make some more tomorrow and show what I have done. :slight_smile:

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Your thunder cloud came out nice! I haven’t had a chance to do any of the prompt from Friday, but I like them all…kinda lost on how to do one of them, so I am going to wing it with a tea cup!


This reminds me of the embroidery inchie challenge from a few years ago…but I love this 5 x 5 size - much more doable.

And I’m loving that shrimp - even unfinished!

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Shrimpy is taking shape. Needs more legs, and a bit more colour.



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Yeah… Instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour I did ”rain” real quick since I had an idea on how to do it. It came out almost as I imagined it :laughing:

The square next to the lavender is reserved for the bumblebee, of course!


It’s friday, and the last five prompts are up! A few tricky ones to translate this time too…

Saft - squash/cordial
Sugrör - drinking straw
Fiska - fishing
Löjtnadshjärta - Bleedimg heart (the plant)
Kaffe - coffee

Edit, forgot the link:

No progress to report here, but my vacation started! :sun_with_face:

oh, no! I don’t think I made enough squares! I think I left enough room to add another row…I hope so!

I didn’t get everything done in time to participate in the bingo. The rules was to post the finished bingo card on instagram yesterday :laughing: I’ll keep working on mine for fun.

The bingo will start on monday I think. 3 words every couple days until someone gets bingo I guess.