Handmade book swap?

Thinking about a handmade book swap. I recently learned how (but haven’t completed) to make a blizzard book that holds ATCs or other cards. I remember that @AIMR suggested once (this site or the old one) that we should have a craft-along where you go thru one of your many craft books and try to complete all of the projects. I return to Alisa Golden’s “Making Handmade Books” over and over but I use the same 3 or 4 book structures for myself.

You can use any YouTube tutorial or an online class or your own invention. Is anyone interested in this?


I’m a maybe. I keep meaning to do more bookbinding, but I also have so many books I haven’t used yet…


I think that’s a great idea! For international, it would be good to make a small scale book - it could be intricate, but not too big - so the postage would be reasonable.


I had to look up Blizzard books. That looks crazy! But in a good way.

I had to look up a blizzard book too. that looks really cool!

It was last month’s Fodder School project. I like making the fodder but I don’t usually make the project because I don’t need more stuff. But the blizzard book looked intriguing so I folded a few pages. I may just add them in to the next finished junk journal I make.

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