Handmade by Hand-Carved Stamp

I was inspired by @photojenn’s Dec hand-carved stamps, so decided I could make my own “Handmade by” stamp for my cards and things.

I spent several hours today working on this. I need to do my name. I might someday do “photo credit to” as well.

I used the linocutter as well as a Dollat Tree “Exacto.” That actually works better than a different one I have.

Thanks for looking, and thanks Jenn for inspiring me to make my own.



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good job! letters seem to be the hardest to carve

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I think so. It was easier to carve out the center of the letters first, I found.

Ooooh, nice! I think letters are definitely the hardest thing you can try to carve. You’re brave!

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Good job, letters are hard!

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So charming!

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This is pretty neat!

Perfect for your projects! Letters are hard, half the time I carve them backwards, lol. You did good!
I use a little cuticle trimmer for the finest cuts, works really well & they are super cheap.