Hangin' with My (Sock) Gnomies!

My mom and I made a pair of gnomes this afternoon. Each gnome uses 3 pairs of socks. We followed a video on YouTube (https://youtu.be/JHsEhzaHfrY). In the video, she used rice to fill it, but we used poly pellets and a bit of fiberfill. We used cotton balls to stuff the hat, which made them a bit lumpy, but I think it adds to their charm!

I need to trim the ribbon on the “bow” on mine (the one on the left) but I need some fray check and didn’t have it on hand.


These are adorable!

They are so fun!

Thanks! They were very fun to make! It definitely took us longer than 15 minutes, but we didn’t have everything ready to go.

I just added the link to the video that we used :slight_smile:

These are so cute! I love their lumpy hats! I like to think they’re stuffed with rum balls. You know… for emergencies.


Super cute!

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These are so charming.

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LOL! That must be why their noses are so pink!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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