Happiness is a Cozy Sweater

For the Hygge swap, I made this for my partner @Bugaboo. All you really need is a cozy sweater to keep you warm for the season.


Love it. :orange_heart:

I disagree. A hot toddy is also essential.
Cute stitch!

I love the details on the sweater, and I just noticed the balls of yarn framing it. This is really beautiful.

Love a hot toddy!

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This manages to be both delicately detailed and cozy and comfy-looking. ADORBS!

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So cozy!

I love it, and like the way you adorned the frame with leaves.

I love it and its really big!!! I have to get it hung up and will enjoy it from now till forever!!!

Lovely stitching and a perfect autumn sentiment!

So true! Great reminder to break out the woolens, lol. Very cute design.

I love the sentiment and cozy looking sweater so much! The felt leaves on top give this an extra touch of hygge for sure!