Happy Mail Craftalong 2021 ~ Monthly themes and Birthdays too!

I don’t collect ATC’s in the traditional sense, but my journals are a kind of hybrid art journal. I would love one of your cards! They are beautiful.


I’d love the moon landing stamp one if it hasn’t been claimed! :slight_smile:


I’d like the one with the owl and Canada stamp :smiley: please and thank you


If you ever do red ones, I’ll take one! The color red is one of my ATC themes!

All of your ATCs are really lovely!


I love receiving ATCs! I may make a bunch just to send in Happy Mail!



Same. Or at least, this feels like a good “excuse” for me to make some just-because pieces.


I got some Happy Mail with my another ATC claim :smile: One of @Lynx2Lancer’s mask cards! Woo hoo!

I was going to prep some Happy Mail today but then we did other thigs instead :woman_shrugging: I did work on my address book a little to help streamline the process :wink: I should be getting things in the mail by Monday or Tuesday!


I like that card!

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This came across my Facebook feed today and I thought I would share it here :slight_smile: Might be a good idea for when those extra cards start adding up, or even make a few extras with this in mind when mass producing?

Cards for Kindness

After a quick glance looks like you send them handmade cards (blank inside) and they redistribute them to hospitals and such as needed so doctors, nurses, etc can have them on hand to use as needed.

More info if you click the link. I’m sharing before I read it all in the morning. Goodnight all! :heart::sleeping:


I got spoiled rotten by @AIMR :heart_eyes:

So many stamps and little goodies for crafting! Thank you!!! :kissing_heart: The little paper bits stitched onto fabric are to die for! Did you make them? I just want to hoard display them :heart:


wow…that was fast! I think the mail must be getting better!

I used washi tape on the card so you can reuse it for whatever…if you are like me, I use all the bits and pieces everyone sends!

I make a lot of linen things and just can’t throw away the tiniest pieces…I got the idea from @Smmarrt, who posted a link in the paper craftalong…a mix of fabric and paper! Lots of fun and then they can be used in journals, card making etc…isn’t it great that we keep recycling all this stuff? lol…

The tiny envelopes had spare buttons for clothes that I buy…just thought they were too cute to throw out!


Sent one Happy Mail and one pen-pall letter this morning :slight_smile: I have three and a half more to go out later (most likely after the mail is picked up) and I’m going to try for one more today. Eventually I’ll have sent something to everyone, but I’m a little slower than I thought I would be :sweat_smile:


I love happy mail :heartbeat:

I’m taking longer than I thought getting mail sent too, I keep getting confused about who likes what, which envelops are just mail & which are swaps or going along with a side project. I made notes last night, hopefully that helps with organization & completion!


I had to mail out a package today (it’s on its way @Kwality570!) and I was also in need of stamps. I told myself I’d pick the neatest, fun stamps they had. Look at these babies!

T Rex and large! But that’s not all…when she handed me the sheet I geeked out because half of them are holographic!!

Now then…I gots to send out some cards just so I can use these awesome stamps! Lol.


I’ve had those before; They are fun! I get in the habit of buying fun stamps so much so that at my local PO I am shown the newest stamps every time I go in! ::rofl:


I have those as well…saved some just to have…I love stamps…I think this group appreciates them as well…right not, I just have the generic flag ones, but I will get some fun ones next time I order!


I can’t believe how much of my life I wasted buying the printed-off ones from the kiosk…


I use their website to order. The mailman delivers them in a few days…never have to go to the post office since I use Paypal shipping for international and other mailing…saved me tons of money as well!


I’ve been ordering online since the pandemic, too. But it was 2019 before I ever thought to buy cool stamps at the counter :woman_facepalming:t2:


I also started buying stamps online. I do have to pay for shipping but it’s so little and worth the time saved! I have a variety right now that I should probably work through before I buy more… buuuuut we’ll see :wink:

I ended up sending three more Happy Mails today. I still have to finish writing the one I started and hopefully another full one before bed :upside_down_face:

I also got my Stickii packs today so I might send some stickers out since they don’t all jam with my style :slight_smile: Who likes weird creepy things (I think they’re dead animals :dizzy_face:) and tattoo themed stickers?? :sweat_smile: