Happy Mail Craftalong 2021 ~ Monthly themes and Birthdays too!

The stamps I bought last week to send to the US have cows on them. I thought they were funny :smiley:


I buy my stamps online too. I like to browse without holding up the line. I think they just charge $1.30 no matter how many sheets you buy.

Hmm…I might want weird creepy stickers? But not if they’re gory. Are they gory? Give us a preview of one! Lol. I’m so curious.

Me me me!

Oh and I am also an online postage stamp purchaser. I “pre-ordered” the barn postcard stamps last month. It was so exciting to have something other than the fish (I love the fish, just need some variety).

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I saw those barn ones and loved them! I think I’ll be ordering them as well.



Gore-ish (mostly creepy and implied gore?):

Tattoo imagery:

Skulls, western style:

And I accidently ordered two… I thought I cancelled one but apparently not :stuck_out_tongue: So I have two of each sheet. If more than two people want one I’ll draw names tomorrow morning to keep it fair :slight_smile:


I like them all, but the last 2 are my favorites. Very cool!

I still kinda like the animals. :joy: I think they’d make for some really interesting alternative Valentines. Lol!!

I like the western skulls as well!

I think y’all are gonna be surprised at how this hot mess turns out…

Do you have a spatter box? It is so handy for messy paint crafts. The top and back are tracing paper to let in light so you can see what you’re doing. I had to much fun speckling wet paint with an old toothbrush, lol. Got some on my swants but it came right out, thank goodness!


Thanks for posting this! In the art journal craftalongs we do a lot of paint spatter…my laptop and mouse as well as my sewing machine and clothes are covered in paint!

It’s easy to control direction of splatters too, you just aim for the back and sides! I turn the work half way through to make sure I’m getting the speckles on the front edge too.
I’m not happy with my crafting space, I was painting on the kitchen table last night and it felt so hobbled having to be careful not to get it everywhere. Funny enough, I have a feeling I’m about to move back down to the basement, my original crafting room, lol. At least I’ve destashed a whole bunch so things will fit with space to spare this time around, no bins and totes full of tiny felted sweater confetti, hahahaha!

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awww–I got a very nice letter from @Lynx2Lancer mom! I think most of the country is having worst weather than she is in Alaska! wow…they are having a warm spell! Nice to get a handwritten letter…


Finally got around to setting up the St. Patrick’s Day Handmade Card Exchange:green_heart:

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I got happy mail from @susieoregon today! Thank you!


I love that card! So stealing the round circles tree theme…

Got my flip flops on to trudge to the mailbox…67 degrees here today…someone in this group has a wicked sense of humor…look what I got…ha ha ha

(thanks, @Whistlefish…certainly made me smile…beautiful picture, just as I prefer snow to be…in a picture! ha ha ha)


Well I’m super late to the party but I think I could throw a little bit of happy mail around!!

I’m Deanna and I live in sunny AZ. I have a hubby, 4 kids, 3 kids in law, 1.5 grandchildren, two dogs (and a partridge in a pear tree). It’s weird to think that in a few short years we’ll be empty nesters!

I haven’t met a craft I didn’t like, although there are many I don’t know how to do. :woman_shrugging: I only request that anything you send be PG 13 rated and non political.

I LOOOOOVE miniatures so I’d happily welcome teeny goodness if anything crosses your path that might serve and lay flat in an envelope.

You can ask me or @Reinikka for my address! I will be moving in September and I’ll update her with a new address when I have it.


I am almost ready to send! The livingroom floor is covered in envelops & papers, lol.
I think I’ve got your address Bunny, I’ll double check with you in a bit :slight_smile:


I got your lovely Christmas card (thank you) so I suspect you do! :wink:

I received happy mail from @Reinikka! I have already planned our day out when it is safe to take public transportation. We can go to the food trucks for lunch! Do you like the art museum? Haha. I used to fantasize about fancy trips abroad, now it’s a trip to the downtown craft store and a gyro. :joy:

Thank you for the very pretty ATC. It’s in my journal, but still in its cover (those covers are nice!) in case I decide to collect them another way.

I mailed out 2 cards this morning and I had some inspiration so I’m making a few new cards. I’ve settled on the collage type cards. I love it! So fun.


My mom has taken me to the art museum a few times and the older I get the more I enjoy it! :sweat_smile:

So glad to see some of my snail mail finally getting where it’s supposed to be!!! The ATC swap is giving me mail anxiety with some of my cards… lol