Happy Mail Craftalong 2022, The Year of Colors ~ Monthly themes and Birthdays too!

I’d been waiting to send because I’d hoped and believed I’d have some really great news to celebrate in my next group (I haven’t been too active, this year, sorry!) Sadly, the news I’d expected did not happen, so I’ll have to adjust my thought process when I prepare to send my next cards.


May i sign up or is it to late? I will send it in August so should i wait to sign up until then? I’m very new so trying to learn what to do still :nerd_face:

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You can sign up anytime and you can follow the monthly theme suggestion, or do your own thing. You can send as many or a few. Just be kind and have fun! Those are the basic “rules” here.


@Lynx2Lancer : Is it required still i complete my 30 day wait period? Although, when i am able to send in August, it’ll be over. Thank you for answering my questions!

No, this isn’t a swap, so you can join in. This is a craftalong. You don’t make “claims,” you just ask for addresses and send happy mail as you like!


Hello everyone!

I guess I add a little about myself here?

I’m 59 years old and I’m married with two fur babies of the barking variety. I live in the beautiful Ozark mountains of Northern Arkansas.

I love to craft; junk journals, ATC’S, drawing (really a beginner) and pretty much anything to do with fabrics.

Some of my crafting theme interests are: steampunk, vintage, fantasy ( dragons, fairies, etc…) , and much more

Crafting materials i like to use are fabric, paints, beads,Charms, napkins, paper and all manner of goodness.

I would love to have a pen pal or two and love to send letters and snailmail. I love to read, mostly fantasy, historical romance (with an actual story).

Favorite foods: salty, sweet and not to spicy. I love to try new things from all over. I cannot, however eat anything with to much dairy. Milk mostly.

Perfumes and anything with perfume in it i can’t wear. But love wax melts.

I hope this is okay and not to much info. I really never know how little or how much to put down. But I’m not picky! I just love finding little things on the mailbox: :blush:


I got happy mail today from @endymion - love what you sent!

I spent my childhood family road trips in motels like that! LOL

I am going to save the papers for when my printmaker friend teaches me chine colle this winter! And she sent a couple playing cards.

Yay! Thanks!


And I got happy mail today from @Amfkinney ! Thank you so much! Loved finding that in my mailbox.

I have been stuck in a non-crafting rut lately, so I am going to send out non-crafted mail this month.


I received happy mail from @endymion and @Amfkinney today, too!


I also received from @Amfkinney today; thanks!


Welcome @Juju :tada: This craftalong is just a place for those of us that like to send little bits of Happy Mail into the world :love_letter: Absolutely no “rules” on how you do that, just be nice and you’ll do fine :heart: This can also be a great place to get to know some of the other Lettuce Crafters :smile:

Thanks @Lynx2Lancer for your helpful answers :kissing_heart:


Same here!! I also received happyvmail from @endymion and @Amfkinney! Thanks so much!


I received from @Amfkinney and @endymion today too! Thank you both!


I am still exhausted from having been quite ill for three weeks. I made 4 sets of Happy Mail and took them to the post office letterbox (only a 5 minute walk) and now I’m back to the couch to rest. But I made it! Jeah! Back in the game!


Sorry to hear you’ve been ill … take care of yourself first


Thanks, Cindy!

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Sorry to hear you’ve been so sick! Hope you’re all better soon! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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Awwww I also hope you get well soon!

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Sorry to read that you’ve been sick. Hope you are feeling stronger now

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