Happy Mail Craftalong 2023

A lot of places use “word of the year” as a January theme where you pick a word to represent you in the new year.


We’ve only ever done “In with the New” :sweat_smile:

I really like the word of the year idea though! Maybe I’ll make a quick poll and see what theme is the winner sometime tomorrow :upside_down_face: I’ll check back in a few hours for more theme ideas then I’ll set up a poll to help us decide :smile:


Vote for our January 2024 theme
You can vote for up to five :slight_smile: See you all in the New Year! :tada:

  • In With the New
  • 2024
  • (your) Word of the Year
  • Snow
  • Dragon
  • Wood
  • Hexagon
  • Snowy Animals
  • Something Else?
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perfectly fine with me!


Warmth, warm, warming, hygge!


Round Four is up!

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Edit… You can vote for up to three (not five) :sweat_smile:

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I take back what I said about not removing pages… that book was getting so full it was in danger of exploding/never closing again, so I did end up removing several pages at the end of it, which I hope to bind into a new mini-book!


November/December was a whirlwind for me, and I decided not to send out any holiday cards this year. It’s a happy reason:

I was hired as a Relief Programming Assistant at my local library! It’s a casual position, but there was hyper-intensive training for all of December, and I barely had time to wrap my family’s presents before Christmas Eve, so everything else fell off the side…

But I am very much looking forward to sending happy mail in 2024.

I also want to thank everyone who was so kind to send me holiday cards; I appreciate it deeply. I won’t share them here, but I want you to know I loved receiving them, and I’ll be sending you some happy mail soon.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!

@Reinikka, I’m Ok having my mailing address on a Google Doc, as long as it’s an “only those with the link can view/edit” sort of deal. The white pages/Canada 411 still exist, so I figure a “link by invite only” Google doc is the electronic equivalent, lol. I’m also happy to set this up if you need help; I’ve collected info with shared Google docs in the past (not addresses, but the idea is the same).

Theme Ideas:

  • World Cultures (e.g. share your own or something you learned about another)
  • Travel
  • Reading/Books
  • Seasons around the world (e.g. send something about summer if it’s winter in your area and vice-versa, or just do a season that isn’t the current one)
  • Words of affirmation
  • Share your passion(s)/hobbies
  • Colours/Colour combinations
  • Thrifty

all to be interpreted liberally :slight_smile:

I like @Lynx idea of Word of the year also.

And as a definitely NOT fan of winter, I really like @Magpie’s theme of all things warm :heart: :fire: :heart: :tea: :heart:


I received a wonderful Holidays block printed card from @endymion.
Thanks again!


I am beyond excited because I see a piece of mail in Informed Delivery that has a foreign stamp on it!

It is from the Netherlands!

I am going to clean up my address book from last year and make some labels. I hope cutting out one small task will give me more time to make cards and write in them!

I also want to thank everyone who sent me cards. You don’t know how many times my spirit was lifted during some challenging health issue during December. It makes me so appreciative of all of you and your kindness…plus, the variety was so fun!


Thank you so much for the beautiful card @Immaculata!


I’m glad they are finally arriving!!! @AIMR I’m sure yours was one of the last I sent so it’s funny it’s one of the first to arrive.


Yes!!! It was from you…and so cute and perfect since I have been running myself ragged today to get my husband all set up for his surgery tomorrow morning! Thank you! Happy New Year!


We have a January Theme :paw_prints:

@Cindy I will probably check in with you in a few moths about planning themes for the rest of the year if you’re still up for it :slight_smile:

@LindyBlues if you want to start a private shareable Google doc that would be great! Anyone who doesn’t want to share there address that way can continue sharing as asked :heart:


Would rather not have my address in a Google doc.


Anytime you want help, I’ll help.


Today I received from @Immaculata

and from @endymion


I also would rather not have my address in a Google doc.
I’m in favor of just asking through pm.
Let’s keep it private.


Just received a beautiful hand-stitched card from @Immaculata. Thanks so much; it’s lovely!