Happy Mail Craftalong 2023

I received a wonderful Holidays block printed card from @endymion.
Thanks again!


I am beyond excited because I see a piece of mail in Informed Delivery that has a foreign stamp on it!

It is from the Netherlands!

I am going to clean up my address book from last year and make some labels. I hope cutting out one small task will give me more time to make cards and write in them!

I also want to thank everyone who sent me cards. You don’t know how many times my spirit was lifted during some challenging health issue during December. It makes me so appreciative of all of you and your kindness…plus, the variety was so fun!


Thank you so much for the beautiful card @Immaculata!


I’m glad they are finally arriving!!! @AIMR I’m sure yours was one of the last I sent so it’s funny it’s one of the first to arrive.


Yes!!! It was from you…and so cute and perfect since I have been running myself ragged today to get my husband all set up for his surgery tomorrow morning! Thank you! Happy New Year!


We have a January Theme :paw_prints:

@Cindy I will probably check in with you in a few moths about planning themes for the rest of the year if you’re still up for it :slight_smile:

@LindyBlues if you want to start a private shareable Google doc that would be great! Anyone who doesn’t want to share there address that way can continue sharing as asked :heart:


Would rather not have my address in a Google doc.


Anytime you want help, I’ll help.


Today I received from @Immaculata

and from @endymion


I also would rather not have my address in a Google doc.
I’m in favor of just asking through pm.
Let’s keep it private.


Just received a beautiful hand-stitched card from @Immaculata. Thanks so much; it’s lovely!


I’ve started a shareable but restricted Google Sheet for those who would like their addresses listed. Although it is shareable, people will have to ask me for access before accessing the document once they click on the link. When you request access, please tell me your username on Lettuce Craft if possible, so that I know who is requesting.

@Reinikka When you have a minute, if you could request access to the sheet, so we can see if all is working as it should, that would be great. Please also let me know if you would like me to add any other information. No rush whatsoever. For now the only address listed is my own, and there is no requirement for anyone to list their address.

You can find the link to the Google Sheet below. To gain access, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Please state your Lettuce Craft screen name on the access request

  2. Send me a PM on Lettuce Craft to let me know you have requested access.

  3. The general requirements for swaps apply here (e.g. having to be on the site for a month and having made 15 posts) for access to be granted.

If the above conditions are met, access will be granted, so please keep this in mind before adding your info to the sheet. I believe the above will keep the info as secure as possible.

LC Happy Mail Addresses


I just received one of @endymion’s gorgeous printed cards! Thank you so much, it’s gorgeous!!


I received from @endymion also. Thanks so much for thinking of me. Happy New Year everyone.


I also received from @endymion a while ago and meant to post :grimacing:. Thanks/sorry, Pam!


Sorry they are a bit late for the season, but glad they arrived!


@Immaculata, I’m glad to see that at least some of your cards are arriving!
Haven’t had mine yet though (so close to you).

Happy New Year to all Happy Mailers!


Thanks! I requested access. I think it might be good to have another layer of protection. Maybe whoever requests access also has to send you a message on LC? That way we know it isn’t someone outside of the group trying to gain access.


I think that’s a great idea. Could you please also send me a PM? Then I’ll have a chance to go through the whole process.

I’ve addes this, plus another condition for access to my original post containing the link.

Should we pin this info/link somewhere? Maybe on the 2024 craftalong post?

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I got two lovely Christmas cards in yesterday’s mail!

From @Immaculata:

And from @endymion:

I know the two of you didn’t plan it this way, but the different renderings of reindeer made me smile. Thank you both!