Happy Pi Day pie shirt

A pie shirt and pi necklace for Pi Day.

(A concept that only makes sense in the United States where we write today’s date as 3.14, unlike the rest of the world.)

Pattern created from Simplicity 9233, and fabric is pumpkin pies on teal fall print cotton from Joann.


Love it! Happy Pie day!

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Hooray for pie day!!

Love the shirt, which would also be perfect for Thanksgiving!

Happy Pi Day! You could also use the shirt for Pie Day which is Jan 23!

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@Bunny1kenobi It was surprisingly hard to find pie fabric that I liked. This one is a bit Thanksgiving-ish, but it was the best I’ve seen in several years of lookig.

Wonderfully fun!

What a wonderful way to celebrate Pi Day! And yes, you can get more use out of it if you also wear it on Pie Day and Thanksgiving.