Happy Planner Reuse

I’m going on the assumption that a lot of people know what a Happy Planner is, but for those who don’t….it is the calendar books that are held together by pretty little round disks. I got myself a cute Mickey Mouse one last year that I wanted to keep reusing because, let’s be honest, they’re not cheap!

I book a couple bands and having multiple calendar books is not appealing to me. Having everything in one place is though. I’m still holding onto my Mickey monthly dividers because I am going to work those up to use again. I’ve already figured out a way even though they are from 2022.

For the bands, I don’t need daily calendars. I just need the monthly plus other spreadsheets that I deem necessary. I print them and cut to size with a paper trimmer. Pulled out some plastic folders, the Cricut my Happy Planner punch and the P-Touch and went to work. I’m sure I could’ve had the Cricut cut the punched side but the punch just seemed a little easier to me since I had one.

It was hard to get a pic of them in the book, so they’re all sprawled out here instead!


Nice reuse! Especially since you found a planner that you really like and are used to!

I like those circular disk notebooks because it is easy to add or take out pages (as long as you have a punch)…I have been using the same ones now for many years, because, as you said, the initial cost is pricey!

Love the dividers in beautiful red!

When I get the other part done for the reuse of the tabs, I’ll post that as well. Just don’t toss your insert pages.

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