Happy Spring Basket

Craft is the thing that’s gone on the back burner while I care(d) for elderly parents. I’ve missed it so much - and hanging out here!

Found a few random minutes this month to actually make something. So fun to pull out the “good stuff” and make something for myself.

The pink basket was something my dad (born 1935) got from the Easter Bunny when he was very small, probably around 3. It came to me a few years back and I’ve wanted to do something with it ever since.

I made the old fashioned grass by cutting strips of crinkled wax paper and swirling them in alcohol ink. Large bird was a thrift store find ages ago. Small bunny is also vintage. Chocolate rabbit & dyed eggs are Tim Holtz white resin, painted and alcohol inked. Ribbon was vintage pink rayon and vintage yellow curling ribbon. Pink & white trim also vintage. Plastic flower ornaments are vintage, alcohol ink and glitter to cover up missing/faded paint. Still thinking of adding a tag that says “For Tommy”. (Dad was Tom; but, when we visited his older relatives out of state they all still called him Tommy, even in his 80s :wink:


Such a beautiful and heartfelt creation. Welcome back! I’m glad you were able to find some craft time for yourself.


What a wonderful way to use family treasures!

We have missed you…your projects are always fun and unique!


This is so dang cute and sweet! All the wonderful vintage and vintage-style touches really compliment the extra-specialness of your dad’s childhood basket. I love that you want to use “Tommy” on a tag! Sometimes I write “Patty” on Santa gifts to my mom. :blush:

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What a great idea! Very nice!

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This is so sweet! That vintage bird is adorable.

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I think I must have been cutting onions when I was reading this post. So touching and sweet!

….and welcome back! I’ve also missed driving you around.

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