Harry Potter Holiday Swap Gallery

Thanks! Just requested to join her group.

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Those are all so great!

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love the banner! the stitches on that banner are so tiny! I just got a craft light for the cross stitch project I’m working on. there’s a section of white on cream and it so hard to see.

These are so beautiful!!!

Wow, I can’t get over how sweet these are.

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@Abbeeroad I forgot to mention, the Christmas ornaments also double as finger puppets… for the ‘off season’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s awesome!!!

Plaidpineapple sent me two ornaments! They are pottery, very impressive. Thank you so much, I love them!



I love those glazes! Beautiful pieces.

I received from MissingWillow a while ago. I am sorry it took me so long to post. My husband has had some health issues and has been in the hospital. (Don’t worry- it is not covid, all packages are safe).

This is an amazing ornament! It is the Weasley clock. It even has everyone’s faces on the hands. How in the world did you cut out the wood? It is very impressive.


@plaidpineapple those ornaments are gorgeous!!

@MissingWillow how very clever :grinning: The Weasley’s clock is one of my favourite magical items

So glad you like it! It was a challenge figuring it all out. The piece is laser cut chipboard.

AH! Love the clock!!! :heart_eyes:

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I keep forgetting to post what I received from @plaidpineapple!


She sent me an adorable little book ornament AND a little niffler dish!! I love them both so much! <3


Here is my absolutely adorable Ravenclaw banner ornament from jillybeans, isn’t it fabulous? Thanks so much, jillybeans!


I also recieved from plaidpinapple this weekend! She made a clay ornament inspired by goblet of fire (my favorite movie). it includes the champion names around the


She also sent a tiny deathly hallows book (my favorite book) attatched to a clip to hang on my purse or use as an ornament.

Thank you so much! They are charming, and we are putting our tree up this weekend!


I have received some wonderful ornaments from my partners.
These fabulous shrinky dink ones are from Jenleahlynn. The phoenix is my favorite magical creature. I consider myself part Hufflepuff part Ravenclaw. I have only used markers on shrinky dink plastic. The colored pencils add a whole new look that I am in love with.

Jillybeans made me this stellar Hufflepuff crossticht banner. The stichts are so tiny, my hand hurts thinking about trying to create them.

Thank you MissingWillow, Jenleahlynn and Jillybeans, the ornaments are gorgeous additions to my tree.


I’m so glad you like them! I use the frosted shrink film so there is a rough side for the colored pencil. If you have the clear, then you need to rough the surface with sand paper first.

Good to know, I did not know there was frosted shrink film.

How big should you make the design, if you were after a 3x3 finished piece (for example)? I have some shrinky dink plastics with the rough side and want to give this a go if I can find them :slight_smile:

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