Harry potter ornament swap 2023 gallery

I didn’t make the felt ornament! That was from a nearby shop. The two wood slices are painted and I used black ink to crisp up the details.

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I received!

First out this adorable niffler, we were very excited, although we haven’t decorated our tree yet, so he’s not in pride of place-yet.

Then this lovely star in ravenclaw colours

With these great wooden stars to craft with, plus this vintage Swedish post card.

Thank you so much @skrutt


Adorable little Niffler! And props for getting the Ravenclaw colors right. Nice extras, too!

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Such cute ornaments and lovely extras!

Y’all! I just got the most amazing package from @endymion and I’m dancing around my house with sheer joy! Also, I feel like I really need to step up my ornament game :joy:.

Look at this beauty:

It’s a Trelawney Fortune teller box! Eeeeeee! Soooo much detail from the tiny ring on her finger to her necklaces and earrings. Plus she comes with two fortune cards in a pocket on the back!

More pics:

Thank you for an amazing ornament, Pam! You are a craft goddess.


I’m so glad she arrived safely! I know we were supposed to do a small, but as soon as my son had this idea and it took hold in my mind, I could not do anything else.

My son wants me to make one for us, too… but we want her arms to sway, her head to bob, and the crystal ball to light up!
We’ll see if I can make that happen, but it will have to wait until after the holidays.


That is awesome!! It really deserves is own thread


Agreed! Why don’t these ornaments have their own post? They are so cool, but so many people won’t see them! Please share!!!

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Freakin’ AMAZING ornament Pam! It’s beyond the beyond of cool!


Thanks, everyone! It was SO much fun to make, especially because my son was participating in developing it: “Oooh, and you could put on the side, ‘See into THE BEYOND!’” (Then collapsing in laughter.) And debating whether the machine should take wizarding money or muggle money, etc.

I do hope everyone create threads for their ornaments, too, not just me and @Tapestry. I love the little Niffler, and that painted Hogwarts snow scene, and the trio of Horcruxes. It would be cool to see them from other angles and to get a better idea of how they were made.


Seconding this! I love alternate angles, behind the scenes pics, and learning how things were made! There’s so much talent on LC and it’s such a great inspiration for trying new techniques and crafts.