Harry potter ornament swap 2023 gallery

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I received the most wonderful Crookshanks ornament from @Tapestry!

She painted it with watercolors, can you believe that? It really matches the description of Crookshanks, too. I love cats in general and Crookshanks in particular. (Go get Pettigrew! Yay!)

The painting is amazing, and I love the delicate little trim around the edge, as well. Thanks so much, @Tapestry!


Wow…so well done! It is beautiful…the colors are so vibrant and the details are great.

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I also received from Tapestry! This is seriously the funniest HP ornament I’ve ever received. Check out the Fanged Frisbee!!!

The teeth are ever so slightly translucent, and the bottom is pink, giving the impression of gums.

The eyes! How great are they?!?! I can’t stop looking at it. It’s so funny, and something I never would have thought to make. 50 Points to Tapestry!

Thank you so much Jenn!!!



That’s so awesome! Nice scales on top. Looks quite hazardous, too. No wonder they were banned at Hogwarts.

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They are both amazing I love crookshanks and the fanged frisbee is genius!

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The design is from the Wizarding World store. They sell fanged flyers…why they felt the need to rename them, I’ll never know. I had fun making my own tiny version though!

Here’s a pic of the product they sell at the theme park:


Brilliant, I love your version better. It’s not as regular and manufactured. Yours looks more alive


The smaller size makes the entire thing look more realistic. What a wonderfully creative and funny ornament!


I would bet they changed the name from Fanged Frisbee to Fanged Flyer due to Trademark. Frisbee belongs to the Wham-o Toy Company!


Hah! Never say never.

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I received three amazingly awesome ornaments from @MistressJennie today! I love them so much!


These are excellent!!

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Very cool! Love the diary / tooth especially. Is the ring a hoarcrux? And is the other one an S for Slytherin? What a bounty of ornaments!

I should have said, sorry! All three are horcrux ornaments: Slytherin’s locket, Guant’s ring, and Riddle’s diary.

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They are so nice! Great ornaments!

I have gotten my swap from @Edel today! And darn, did she spoil me!

Three handmade ornamets, and a cute Harry Potter! :smiley: Great first ornaments for my in-the-beginning-HP-tree.

A supercool t-shirt with gold/glitter vinyl! Its awesome!

Here is my tiny tree with mostly handmade stuff.


That teeshirt looks great on you!

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I love the snowy Hogwarts ornament and felt Harry ornament the best! Your little tree is adorable, and great shirt as well!


What a great package, @Edel! Did you woodburn the two wood ornaments? They’re fabulous. And I adore the felt ornament and t-shirt. So cool!

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