Harry Potter Ornaments

Since I’m currently re-reading the series I made a few different Harry Potter themed ornaments out of wood this year. All of them are cut on the Glowforge then painted and assembled.

This first one is layered and could be made bigger for a wall hanging or to sit on a shelf.

These ones are just super fun and capture all the magic of Harry Potter


Merlin’s Beard!! Amazing! Love, love, love the stag, but they are all fantastic!

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Those are so much fun!

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Wow! Those are so pretty! I love the first one.

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Shamelessly coveting all of these. I’ve never heard of a Glowforge but it apparently does awesomely amazing things!

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Oh WOW! Those are great! I love them all. :heart_eyes:

I still have to do my annual HP rewatch. I used to have them going on my laptop in the kitchen while I baked christmas cookies, but my laptop died a few years ago and now I’m limited to watching them on the livingroom tv, which is not viewable from the kitchen.




Once again, I must not covet other peoples tools!

Ugh. I’ve got serious Glowforge envy. There’s a Joann’s in our area that you can go in and use their Glowforge by the hour and that was my first introduction and I fell in love! But then I looked up the $6000 pricetag. :grimacing: I’m not sure if there’s a cheaper model or not but man-oh-man I want one.

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These look so precise and detailed! WONDERFUL!

These are all utterly fantastic, but I think I love the stag the most. Amazing.

This is just awesome! Oh, if I only had the wall space!! Arrragh!

These are FABULOUS!

Do you make up the design? Or can you buy them, like for embroidery machines? I absolutely LOVE that deer head one.

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Congrats! Your Harry Potter Ornaments are one of this week’s featured projects! You rock!

Love these!

Oh my goodness! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

“You’re a keeper” bwahahaha! I love it! Keep posting your Glowforge magicalness.

I adore these! And now realllllllllllly want a glowforge so I can make my own! But bit too pricey, alas.

I don’t know where Lindy gets her designs, but you can buy or get free designs online, and there is software for creating your own. I use the same software to design for my 3D printer, and could probably adapt the glowforge designs to print.

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These are spectacular! I think it’s safe to say that we all have glowforge envy!! :wink: