Has anyone made a weighted blanket/quilt?

I am making a lap quilt for my youngest son and he is the kind of boy who cannot sit still. At all. So I am thinking about making the quilt weighted, for when he is on the couch.

Has anyone made a weighted blanket? The patterns I have looked at online talk about an inner layer for the pellets and then the usual back and front.

I am worried four layers of fabric plus wedding might be too much?


I made one using this Fairfield Poly-fil Weighted Blanket Insert 6 Pounds White 36”x48” for my Grandson who is on the spectrum. There was directions on the package on how to make a removable cover for it. I made it using flannel and it is similar to the way you make an envelope back pillow with a Velcro closure. When I made it I lucked out because they had the inserts on clearance at Walmart for 5.00. I bought 2. My Granddaughter has one too but she’s really tiny so it is to heavy for her, my Grandson uses his when he’s overly tired or anxious . I think 6 pounds is good for Liam he’s 7 and wears a size 10 to 12.


You could try using a heavy fabric like denim, either as the wadding or the back. That might be enough weight for him?


@Mixed_pibbles from what I have been reading, 6lb would be good for him too. I will see if one if those inserts are available in or can be sent to Australia.

@GMPNQ ooh I hadn’t thought about just using heavy fabric! I will look into how much denim I might need, I have a box of jeans somewhere…

Thankyou both!


I made one for myself, I just used regular cotton, sewed channels, divided up the total amount of filled and sewed all the pockets. It was designed to go over a blanket and so I didn’t need a cover. But you could simply use a doona cover.

I didn’t use it much in the end, too hot for me

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Thanks @Edel. I was going to use denim backing, but I thought I had a box of old jeans around somewhere and I can’t find it. I need to ask my mum if she has it.

I may still order the pellets, the channels sound like a good idea.

i don’t think you need anything that heavy tbh. Just a strong cotton, like cotton drill

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It would be one or the other, denim or pellets.

Oh I get you, i used pellets

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We made one for my niece using this tutorial and my sister’s Juki. The weight of the blanket is one pound of poly beads for every ten lbs. weight of the person. Glass ones are more eco-friendly but also heavier so be careful with them - you’ll need less.
We used flannel on one side and cotton on the other - actually you can use whatever you want, just make sure it’s heavy enough to stand up to the weigh. And I’d recommend you to check it with your kiddo first - from what I know, some hyperactive people cannot handle the feel of certain types of fabrics.That’s why we decided to use two different types in the first place.

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Thanks @jean_foxry. I’ll check it out.