Hats from old handspun

I made these hats from old, oddly spun, handspun yarn I bought at a local fair years ago. It was weird to work with, as it was bulky in some places, and very thin in others. I had just enough to make one adult and one baby hat. They look lighter in the photo but the yarn is actually a dark teal.


Cute! They look so cozy.

I really like them both! The adult hat looks knitted- is that herringbone hdc? The bow on the baby hat is super cute, too :slight_smile:

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Love the bow! The color really pops!
Nice job

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It’s just regular hdc. I made the band doing hdc in the back loops and then made the crown around it.

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Beautiful job. The color is lovely. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very pretty! I love the color. It looks so soft.

I love the color, too. The baby her is especially cute!