Have a Groovy Holiday!

I made these cards to send to my online bookclub friends. We are fans of Lenora Mattingly Weber, who wrote the Beany Malone and Belford series books. We are group-reading Hello My Love, Goodbye right now, (a Stacy Belford book) so I was feeling early 70’s ish.

It’s supposed to remind you of those aluminum trees with the color wheels. That mylar is tremendously difficult to photograph! It looks silver, but reflects rainbow colors.


Super groovy! And you’ve definitely captured the rotating light on the aluminum tree thing!

Super fun! I love the mylar.

Gorgeous card!
I met Nonie Webber when I was a kid; she was a friend of my grandmother.
It’s nice to find someone who knows her work!

Wow, that’s cool! I met her grandaughter, Kathi DeFrancis, and great granddaughter Angela some years ago. One of our group was good friends with Kathi.

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Such a fun card! Definitely had those retro vibes.

Congratulations! Your fun Christmas card is a featured project. Thank you for sharing such a creative and fun project.

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