Hazelnut Swirl Blondies

For the holiday, my mom and I made a pan of hazelnut swirl blondies.

We used this recipe from a back issue of Real Simple, omitting the optional chopped hazelnuts. Everyone was happy with the result, although the online reviewers are correct when they say the middles never really set fully. We baked a little longer than called for and probably could’ve gone longer than that. We’re considering adding a bit more flour or something next time to see whether more dry stuff might help.

Thanks for looking!


Those look yummy.

I would try baking at 325 for a little longer if the middle isn’t done but the edges are

Or test your oven temp.

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My goodness these sound good!

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These look fantastic! I personally like a gooey center. :yum:


Looks yummy!

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They look so pretty, and gooey blondies sound wonderful to me!


You had me at hazelnut… :yum: I might eat the whole pan by myself! :grimacing: